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As you probably know, we've been on other online storefronts for upwards of 5 years now. Our Etsy alone has over 2,000 sales and 500 five-star reviews. We respect the ability of new buyers to purchase from a storefront that has a merit system, so we will continue to host and fill orders as usual. Please keep in mind that when we use a website like Etsy, they charge vendors significant fees. With the current system, we lose nearly 30% of the ticket price on small items like buttons, which could quickly advance to 60% with their new predatory practice of mandatory offsite ad enrollment.


Hosting our own storefront is completely new territory for us. We find it completely exhilarating and also utterly terrifying! Your shopping experience might not feel as flawless as it does on a multimillion dollar public platform, but we'll work consistently to bring your the best value here. Starting in April 2020, all of our bundle deals, sales, and expanded stock will be made exclusive to this platform. We figure it's the least we can do to thank you for your support.


Hi there! BigCartel doesn't do as well of a job of calculating shipping costs for us as Etsy does, so it may appear that your country is not available to ship to. We're more than happy to ship to you through BigCartel - please contact us with your mailing address and a loose idea of what you'd like to buy, and we'll be more than happy to quote you!

...Having said that, if it's too much trouble to work with, you're more than welcome to place your order through our Etsy shop.

Mailing List

You'll be able to choose whether you want to hear from us about our con schedule, commission block openings, or shop updates once you subscribe. We won't email you about stupid stuff.