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⭐ By buying from our shop you agree to the terms and conditions stated on this following page! ⭐

⭐ You are responsible for paying all customs and duty fees as per your country's laws and regulations for all parcels processed and sent from BoldEgoist. We unfortunately cannot change or guarantee that there will or will not be any customs fees as it varies per country. Please be prepared to pay the duties that may come with the parcel as we cannot be held responsible and will not reimburse any orders' fees.

⭐ Addresses are the buyer's responsibility--you are responsible for keeping us up to date with any address changes. We cannot be held responsible or resend a parcel if it was sent to the wrong address or lost in transit due to a wrong address written on the buyer's part.

⭐ In the case where an order is sent back to us for any reason, (whether it was never picked up, accepted, customs fees never paid for, etc.), the order may be shipped out again but charged an additional shipping fee (since the parcel was sent once already). An order may be refunded in this case if the buyer no longer wants the items but the shipping funds previously paid for the items before will NOT be refunded.

⭐ All lost or stolen parcels must have a local police and USPS case number provided before a refund will be considered.

⭐ In the case of damaged or faulty items, please email [email protected] with your order ID as your subject line and a brief description of your issue. If possible, please include a photo attachment of the concern.



⭐How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

Our orders ship in 1-7 days after payment has processed. This timeline may be impacted by workflow and scheduled conventions.

⭐Do all orders come with tracking?

All orders come with a tracking number that should be sent via EMAIL the day that the order was packaged and/or shipped. We use USPS first class to ship all of our items--domestically & internationally.

⭐Why haven't my items arrived yet?!?!

Please keep in mind that items purchased domestically (in the USA) may take 5-10 days AFTER it's been shipped out to arrive to it's final destination. International parcels may take 2-7 weeks to arrive to it's final destination. For international orders, we kindly ask buyers to be patient for their parcels to arrive due to additional processing at customs ports & etc.